iPhone & iPad:

We also made the Music and SFX of this game: (Release date: early 2012)

Token Dancers
A thrilling eye-hand coordination game

vostu minor studios playdom sismo quadion clarin global rock and pop loaded disney lego globant aquiris games game audio
PC & iPhone:
We have also created the music and SFX of:

Throne of Voxels
An epic voxel game


In 2011 and early 2012 we made the Sound design of these Facebook games:


Vacation Fever (Music & SFX)
Create your own paradise for vacation

Candy Dash (Sound Effects)
Help the princess to become the queen of the magical candy world.

Flying Kingdoms (Sound Effects)
Build your kingdom and forge alliances
 to bring back the peace to the flying kingdoms.

World Misteries (Sound Effects)
Hidden object game


In 2011 we made the Music and SFX of these two iPhone games:

Telephone Chain Gang
Challenge you memory and texting skills! 

A world where you and others around you
 are playing in real-time as humans and zombies.

It's been a busy busy 2011!
That is why we will show you what's new on our Porfolio.
Last year we made the music and SFX of many games not only for Facebook,
but also for iPhone, iPad and PC.

Check out the following posts :)