What about now?

We are developing the music and sound design of
two iPhone Games which will be launched on August.

Another interesting project for Facebook is running now as well,
so keep it tuned for more news (launch date mid september)

We have some great news as well,
On August 10th it will be launched a huge game we have participated on.
This is our first time as level designers and not last!
If you are in Buenos Aires, you have the chance to test it!
Visit the Stand on tecnópolis of "El Rock de tu vida"
the very best argentine Music Videogame.

What have we done so far this year?

Hi everyone!

It's been a busy 2011!

We started designing some sounds for two new Orkut Social Games
Minifazenda and Megacity.

We continue designing sounds for Atmosphir where
new cool enemies and powerful firearms has been added recently...

We have also created the Music and SFX for two new advergame
for Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (Bs As City Government)
called "Jugá Limpio" (about to be launched).


Coming Up...

More surprises are coming up this year:

Facebook Games, cool advergames,

and some awesome projects we are participating right now....

So stay tuned for updates!



Hi everyone,
We've been really busy these months, but we promise to post more frequently!
During these past months we've been working on four new Facebook Games.
Three had already launched!
They belong to the App "Star Fever Agency"

We also have three new Projects ahead so...Stay tuned!